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“Sittichai Tanakorncharoen” Counting sheep at SLEEP WITH ME HOTEL design hotel @ patong

“Sittichai Tanakorncharoen” Counting sheep at SLEEP WITH ME HOTEL design hotel @ patong

It’s probably the most popular tourist zone in Phuket. It offers a vast array of facilities including hotels, shops, bars, restaurants and other services ensuring that all visitors to the area are satisfied. And with its wide choice of nightlife it is often referred to as the city that never sleeps. There is virtually something to do 24 hours a day in “Patong”, which is why it has grown into a world famous tourist city that welcomes millions of visitors each and every year. And there can be no doubt that one of the most important businesses in Patong is the “Hotel” business, with new launches continuing, and confirming that tourism in Phuket is still growing.

With a new era comes a new trend in hotels, and two of the most used words to be heard in the industry today are “Boutique Hotels”, which are typically hotels which have between 10 and 100 rooms and usually feature luxury facilities in unique or intimate settings with full service accommodations. And one such hotel that falls within the “Boutique Hotel” category, and which we believe is becoming of particular interest right now is SLEEP WITH ME HOTEL – design hotel @ patong. This increasingly popular hotel choice amongst those visiting Patong was launched and is managed by Sittichai Tanakorncharoen, or Khun Bird, a new generation of hotel manager whose talents and skills have assisted in seeing SLEEP WITH ME HOTEL – design hotel @ patong become one of the most fashionable and talked about hotels in the area, and much to the surprise and astonishment of its competitors seeing occupancy rates consistently falling between 70 -80%.

“Sittichai Tanakorncharoen” Counting sheep at SLEEP WITH ME HOTEL design hotel @ patong

Before Khun Bird introduces you to his hotel, let us first tell you a little bit more about his background…

Khun Bird has around a decade worth of experience working in Phuket based hotel businesses both in international chains such as Starwood and InterContinental, and also within lesser known but equally popular local hotels. His career started within HR, followed by the Administration section where he was secretary for the General Manager. He later moved into Sales & Marketing, which would be his start point to major opportunities, and more importantly where he earned the trust and confidence of his employers, who would later give Khun Bird the opportunity to prove his worth as General Manager of their newest business venture, “SLEEP WITH ME HOTEL – design hotel @ patong”

“Sittichai Tanakorncharoen” Counting sheep at SLEEP WITH ME HOTEL design hotel @ patong

How did SLEEP WITH ME HOTEL come about?

The owner of our company has a very keen interest in real estate and he started his business with 2 luxury condominiums in Kalim, The Baycliff and The Privilege Residences, and also the SLEEP WITH ME Serviced Apartments in Patong. He took part in an auction for long term rental on one of the most valuable pieces of land in Patong, adjacent to Jungceylon, which he won, and that is how he started the SLEEP WITH ME HOTEL, his first hotel project.

“Sittichai Tanakorncharoen” Counting sheep at SLEEP WITH ME HOTEL design hotel @ patongPlease tell us about your hotel

SLEEP WITH ME HOTEL is conveniently located in Phuket’s main leisure district, Patong, and provides a modern, inspiring and trendy lifestyle experience with a full range of modern facilities, personal service and international standards of comfort. However, the SLEEP WITH ME HOTEL has its own individual character and reflects its own local flavours. The hotel features 258 rooms, from superior rooms to suites, all designed for maximum comfort and satisfaction, and each provides guests with advanced in-room technology. Our rooms have been designed with the diverse needs of today’s world travelers in mind. Whether our guests are here for business or leisure, if they’re families, groups, or couples, they will find that all the details and amenities such as our SMILE WITH ME lobby bar, SABAI WITH ME all day dining, SWAY WITH ME garden restaurant & bar, SWING WITH ME chill out bar and SANOOK WITH ME pool bar & sky lounge, as well as our location within Patong are suited for everyone.

In addition, we also have a very distinct feature which defines our hotel, our mascot ‘Nong Sleepy’, a cute sheep character which is taken from the famous phrase “counting sheep”, and which we believe defines the comfort of sleeping in our accommodation. ‘Nong Sleepy’ can be found in various guises around the hotel be it in the form of a doll pillow or a drawing in a corner of the hotel. For us, ‘Nong Sleepy’ is the perfect way for our guests to remember us by, and we also hope that with this reminder it will make them want to come back to our place again.

What is your management style?

We need to understand our customer’s behavior, we need to understand what our partners want, we must consider our staff as much as possible, and we need to understand the task of every department so that we all work together effectively. We also need to think and work harder than the salary we receive. This is my work, my job and my passion.

“Sittichai Tanakorncharoen” Counting sheep at SLEEP WITH ME HOTEL design hotel @ patong

Do you target a particular group?

We do not specifically target customers of a special kind. The main purpose of our hotel’s design is to make all people who visit Patong have a pleasant and relaxing stay. However, we do receive various statistics from the government’s Department of Tourism and we will try to market our property to groups via various promotional activities. And to ensure that we cover all groups, and that we do not leave out an opportunity for marketing to potential customers, our PR department will be proactively marketing the SLEEP WITH ME HOTEL through various media channels and tourism roadshows.

How important is CSR to the hotel?

CSR is very important not only to the hotel, but to our owners businesses as a whole, and we partake in various CSR activities to ensure we interact and give something back to the local communities in which we do business.

“Sittichai Tanakorncharoen” Counting sheep at SLEEP WITH ME HOTEL design hotel @ patong

What are your goals for the future?

It is the responsibility of a GM to respond to the needs and policies of our owners, be it with regards to revenue, reduction of costs etc and my main goal is to ensure that I as GM respond to those needs and policies. However, on less of a financial note, it is also my duty to see that all our guests during their stay with us do so with a smile and that they are happy and impressed by our staff. If I can see that this is happening then I will personally feel I have succeeded in my role as GM of SLEEP WITH ME HOTEL.

SLEEP WITH ME HOTEL design hotel @ patong
187/5 Rat-U-Thit 200 Pee Road., Tambol Patong, Amphur Kathu, Phuket 83150 Thailand
Tel: 076 363 333 Fax: 076 363 300
Mail: rsvn@sleepwithmehotels.com Web: www.sleepwithmehotels.com

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