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Get to know Soi Dog Foundation

Get to know Soi Dog Foundation

Who are we?

Soi Dog Foundation or SDF is a not for profit organization, legally registered in Thailand and several other countries with the main aim to help unwanted and abused dogs and cats in Thailand by humanely reducing the unwanted populations through sterilisation. We completely depend on donations from people in Phuket and around the world.

What does Soi Dog do?

We sterilise dogs and cats to reduce the size of the stray population before we return them to their home area. We treat street dogs and cats that are injured by accidents, sick and abused. We also give shelter and find new homes for around 400 unfortunate dogs and cats who have been abandoned or abused by cruel people and cannot return the same environment. Outside of Phuket, Soi Dog has a sterilization clinic in Bangkok and we are working to end the cruel and illegal dog meat trade.

Get to know Soi Dog FoundationDo we sterilise or treat owned dogs and cats?

Besides stay dogs and cats, we also do sterlisations for owned dogs and cats. But please note that we provide service on ‘Monday only’ and the owners must call to make appointments and let us know the number of dogs and cats in advance. Although we provide this as a ‘free’ service, please donate so that we can help other dogs and cats in need.
If it is not convenient to bring your dogs and/or cats for sterilization at our shelter in Mai Khao, you can also keep an ear to the ground about our mobile clinic programme which travels around Phuket. We might be in your area in the near future.

Soi Dog Foundation is not a commercial clinic so we don’t treat owned dogs and cats.

If I will bring a dog or cat to Soi Dog to be sterilised, what should l do?

Whether you will bring your animal at shelter or at our mobile clinic, please do not feed them after 6pm and give no water after midnight on the day before you bring them for sterilsation. You should arrive no later than 9.00 am in the morning. Again, please call us first to make an appointment.

Do we treat other kinds of animals besides dogs and cats?

No. In some cases, our vets can give you advice but we recommend you contact a leading animal hospital for more help.

Are we a home for all unwanted dogs and cats?

Many people have a misunderstanding about Soi Dog. As we have very limited space, we cannot keep all unwanted dogs and cats here. After sterilisation or treatment, we generally return them to their home neighbourhoods where we picked them up. However, if they cannot survive by themselves or would be in danger of being abused or killed, we then will keep them at the shelter to try to rehome them.

If I want to adopt dogs and cats, what should I do?

You are welcome to visit our shelter and meet the dogs and cats, Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm (except between 12 and 1). Please let us know the purpose of your visit and fill in our adoption form so we can discuss if adopting a pet is the right choice and help find the best dog or cat for you. Adopting is a wonderful way to give a dog or cat a new life and let Soi Dog help more animals.

How you can help us and help Phuket’s dogs and cats?

If you see any stray dogs and cats that need help whether it’s because of illness, accident or abuse, you can directly call our helpline, 081-7884222. We will be very grateful if you could bring those unfortunate dogs or cats to our shelter yourselves after calling us. We get a lot of requests to help animals every day and sometimes we cannot address all of them right away, so bringing animals to us will help us to help them.

If you cannot contact us though helpline or cannot assess how urgent the situation is, you can also follow the instructions at http://www.soidog.org/en/emergency–help.

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