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Talking Reiki with Michael Paul Stephens

Talking Reiki with Michael Paul Stephens

British born Michael Paul Stephens has been on Phuket for the past 4 years and is the author of 2 books, Provolution and Equanimous. Prior to writing Michael worked in Human Resources, working for Chiva-Som International Health Resort in Hua Hin and Six Senses Destination Spa, here in Phuket. In between jobs Michael was a consultant for various businesses, where he used his primary skills of training and designing corporate training programs. He is still involved in consultancy, but now he incorporates spirituality, self awareness and self consciousness within his specially designed programs.

Michael had previously had an interest in spirituality but never healing. That was until 7 years ago, when he first visited to Phuket. During this 6 month visit, Michael became aware that Phuket is blessed with a number of very powerful healers and he was around many people who practised reike. At this time, he did believe something like reiki was possible, but not necessarily something which he could do. People he met who trained reiki told him it was something anyone could do, so he decided to give it a try. Once he started, he immediately felt very sensitive towards it and realised reiki really was something anyone could do. Michael studied as a reiki master and began offering private sessions with therapy and counselling.

In September 2010 Michael and his wife Orranut opened the ‘Provolution Center’, which is now the base for their therapies, card reading, workshops, wellness classes, retreats and corporate training programs.

Phuketindex recently caught up with Michael to find out more about reiki, becoming a reiki master and also about his and his wife’s ‘Provolution Center’.

Can you explain to us about Reiki please?

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning universal energy and is about using energy to promote health. The basic concept of reiki is that you use the energy of your body to accelerate the process of healing in somebody else’s body. One of the side effects or benefits is you can also identify from that person’s body where future illnesses or sickness may come from. Also, you can feel where they are building up emotional blockages and give a reading of their entire life and what they’ve held onto and how they think. Energetically, your body has a system that remembers everything. This is in fact a far better memory than your mind. So in a way, your past doesn’t go anywhere or end, it’s with you at all times.

Reiki is a great healer if someone has a specific injury or sickness, but it’s also great at being diagnostic and helping to tell people how they can move forward with their lives and help them maintain wellness and get a better balance in their lives.

Talking Reiki with Michael Paul StephensWhat’s involved with becoming a reiki master?

Reiki master is the level, but don’t read too much into the term. Basically, there are three levels of reiki and I’m at level three. Having said that, I’ve actually taught people at level one who are far more powerful than I am, so it’s not really about what level you’ve attained. The levels are really about how you focus your reiki. Level one focuses on people who are with you and working on their energy. Level two is about working at a distance and sending a receiving energy. And level three is learning how to do the attunements, which are the ceremony and the process of teaching people.

But for me, teaching reiki is a two day intensive course, comprising of two six hour a day sessions. People will start by learning how to be self aware and conscious. Meditation is a big part of what I teach and the healing part is possibly half of it. I believe people can use reiki to create happiness and wellness in their own lives first and foremost. If you’re not happy and well yourself then it’s very difficult to be a healer.

Can you tell us about the Provolution Centre?

We wanted to give something charitable back to the community

This is something which i set up back in September 2010 with my wife Orranut. Our purpose was to set up something that could offer classes and wellness experiences for the local community, at affordable prices. We wanted to get people interested in how to develop wellness, whether it is by yoga or qigong amongst other things. We also wanted to have a place where we could practice what we do, which is the reiki, which we both do, and Orranut also does card reading and intuitive readings too. We have also set up a free share circle on a Monday evening where people can come and talk about their issues and meditate and every other Tuesday evening we have a free reiki share circle. So we have tried to create a space for people, which give something charitable back to the community.

What is the Free Reiki Share Circle?

I have trained quite a few people on the island and the problem for those people who have learned reiki level one is they need to find live people to actually practice on. So we wanted to provide a space where people who have learned reiki one, or simply want to learn about it, can come in and practice. I got together with Roseberry’s in Surin and decided to share the sessions between us and make it available to people who want to practice.

Anyone who wants to share their insights into their week would like to mediate or simply get together with spiritually minded people are welcome to attend.

All people need to do is come at 6pm on a Tuesday evening and take part it’s as simple as that. All are welcome.

Is there anything you still wish to achieve being a Reiki master?

One of the things I’m really working on now is bringing the concept of energy into the corporate world and teaching the corporate world how important it is to respect the energy of their people. Once they understand that concept, they should carry that on so that it flows in their business. I believe the old style of corporate development is dying out and this is the way forward and now I’m finding more corporations are starting to realise this.

What would you say to anybody who has never tried Reiki but wants to participate?

What’s the worst that can happen! Try everything we have to offer until you find something that you feel is going to give you a better life.

For more information
The‎ Provolution Center
3rd Floor 222/3 Moo 8, Palm Place Village, Paklok, Thalang, Phuket 83110

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