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Tarzan Adventure – More Than a Zip Line Experience

Tarzan Adventure – More Than a Zip Line Experience

Having already experienced one of the island’s zip line adventures, I was pretty optimistic that Tarzan Adventure would be pretty much of the same thing, simply zipping from tree to tree suspended by a cable. However, as soon as I arrived on site I realized there was so much more to Tarzan Adventure than I originally anticipated.

Yes, Tarzan Adventure is a zip line experience; however, the 42 stations, spread over 20 rai of forested land in Cape Panwa, do not only feature only zip lines, but also a range of challenging but fun obstacles including swing bridges (15), net bridges (3), sling walks (3), rope walks (2), a climbing wall and even a skateboard, all of which hang no less than 10 meters above the ground.

Tarzan Adventure – More Than a Zip Line Experience

The course starts off similar to any other zip lining experience, but this adventure isn’t just about relaxing in your harness whilst zip ling and taking in the views, the ones of which at Tarzan Adventure are absolutely breathtaking, but this takes real physical effort, you are literally taking on an assault course in the sky, and towards the end of the course you will see, as I did, that even the fittest have had their bodies given a true test of stamina.

Anybody wanting to take on this assault course in the sky can do so in the knowledge that they are being led by a professional team of highly trained staff, not only in zip lining itself, but also rescue and first aid. In addition, you are doing a zip line course that features the very latest in safety systems, an un-detachable carabiner (Coudou Pro), which allows continuous movement along the course without having to disconnect at any time. This is of course along with the usual other safety equipment such as full body harness, helmet and regular carabiner hook, the latter also meaning you are even more safe in the knowledge that you are attached to the cable not only once but twice during your adventure. It also makes it a lot more suitable for children.

To summarize this 2 hour jungle adventure, which is ideal for small and large and small, particularly those seeking an exciting team building exercise; I think it’s easiest to say “amazing, memorable, safe and breathtaking vistas!”

Tarzan Adventure – More Than a Zip Line Experience

Tarzan Adventure
Ao-Yon Khaokhad Road, Cape Panwa, Phuket
Tel: +66 (0) 91-6487244
www.tarzan –adventure.com

Note: All participants should wear comfortable clothes, sport style shoes and be in reasonable physical health.

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