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The Architecture of Thailand’s Central Plains

The Architecture of Thailand’s Central PlainsIf you visit the Central plains of Thailand one of the first things you will notice is the unique traditional houses that can be seen everywhere. These houses, originally constructed completely from teak wood, are most commonly regarded as a classic Thai-style house.

The floors to these houses are raised high off the ground by supporting pillars primarily to avoid flooding in the rainy season, also to provide a place for work during the dry season, and more commonly nowadays to act as a storage space. The elevation of the traditional Thai houses also assists with ventilation.

One of the main features to be found on traditional Thai houses is the wing-shaped steep roof, highlighted by a bowed plank called a bargeboard, or Panlom, placed at the gable rims to protect the roof tiles from wind. The lower ends of these bargeboards are carved in a horn-like shape.

Another typical feature in a house of this type is the extended roof beams, which provide shade to the house from intense sun and also protection from monsoon rain.

The Architecture of Thailand’s Central PlainsTraditional Thai houses usually feature two cabins; one for sleeping and one a living space, the height of the ceilings in these rooms promote the constant circulation of air. Adjacent to the sleeping cabin is a separate room which serves as the Thai-style bath house. All the rooms open onto large wooden terrace which can be used for family activities, entertaining guests and, sometimes, sleeping.

Traditional Thai houses vary in size according to the size of a family; smaller families will live in a house which may just have a single cabin and a terrace. Whereas larger families will have an additional two cabins. If there is an even number of cabins it is considered inauspicious.

The Architecture of Thailand’s Central PlainsThere are few places here in Phuket where you can really get to see traditional Thai architecture. However, At Panta Phuket’s Traditional Thai Villas & Pool Side Villas are modeled on buildings found within the Central plains of Thailand, and if you wish to see this fantastic traditional architecture for yourself then a visit t At Panta Phuket is a must.

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The Architecture of Thailand’s Central Plains

The Architecture of Thailand’s Central Plains

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