Wirachai Pranveerapaibool – CEO of The Attitude Club
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Wirachai Pranveerapaibool – CEO of The Attitude Club

Wirachai Pranveerapaibool - CEO of The Attitude Club
Wirachai Pranveerapaibool – CEO of The Attitude Club

The Attitude Club is one of the property developers who have had a remarkable success in projects that they’ve launched on the Phuket market in recent years. After Two Villas, Wings, and Saturdays, The Attitude Club now introduces its newborn baby, MONO.

How did the MONO projectget started?
About three years ago we acquired this piece of land in Palai. I personally like Palai and often go there to enjoy the food; the area is quite peaceful, the road is broad and other than that the scenery is green. I feel at home here and love the place. After I got this land, I then thought about developing something useful here. At the time our other projects we’d been working on were completed so it was time to put our hearts and energy into this piece of land.


Wirachai Pranveerapaibool - CEO of The Attitude Club
Wirachai Pranveerapaibool - CEO of The Attitude Club

Why MONO and what is it?
While I was thinking about the development project, our team traveled to many places and Japan was a destination we often visited. We mostly spend time in the rural areas of Japan rather than in the city and Palai gives me similar feelings I experienced in rural Japan. Both places make me feel happy and breezy every time I visit and I feel like I’d like to stay in those places longer. MONO is the transformation of our impressions of rural Japan into reality.

Tell us about the development
MONO is built on approximately 14 rai of land. There are two types of house; a one-storey semi-detached house design which is called MONO Lux and a two-storey semi detached version called MONO Loft. The concept is to make an ‘ordinary’ house with a focus on the beauty of the simplicity. That’s MONO.

What’s the unique selling point of MONO?
MONO is a residential development with low density. We only have semi-detached and detached houses. From our market study of the big picture, most of the housing developments in Phuket and in Thailand tend to offer specialized designs with a lot of details. We’ve found that there’s a group of people who don’t appreciate complicated designs and who prefers omething simpler. So the uniqueness of MONO is ‘simplicity’. MONO will only use a few tones and simple materials. Everything is kept simple and minimal without much modifying, rather focusing on nature, greenery, and peace as we believe when we combine those two factors together they’ll bring a restful environment that makes MONO different from other developments available on the market right now. It’s perfect for those who are looking for tranquility and asimple life. MONO is the best choice for an ‘ordinary’ house.

What are the Attitude’s success milestones?
Our latest ongoing project is Saturdays and the newest project is the outcome of what we observe from the current market after we succeed with Two Villas, Wings, Saiyuan Estate.

What’s the current real estatedevelopment situation in Phuket?
I see that the real estate industry in Phuket still has a future. It seems that the industry movement is slowing down but I feel it’s an incubation period interms of infrastructure and other factors. Phuket is going to move to the next stage, though recently it’s been affected by the downturn of the country’s and the world economy. But I believe in a year or two we’ll see Phuket’s real estate market soar again after the undergoing infrastructure and ongoing big development projects are completed. We’ll see Phuket rise up again.

For more information about MONO Phuket, please visit www.monovillaphuket.com.

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