Signature dish: Scallops Sashimi
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Signature dish: Scallops Sashimi

Scallops Sashimi: Minced Shrimps and Peanuts with Sweet Dried Chili Sauce

– 100g fresh scallops
– 50g minced prawns
– 3tbsp pomace oil
– 20g diced onion
– 10g roasted peanuts
– 5g crispy garlic
– 5g crispy shallot
– 1 small dried chili cut small
– 2tbsp fish sauce
– 1tsp palm sugar
– 4tbsp chicken stock

– Heat pomace oil and onions in pan and stir until fragrant. Add shrimps. Stir until firm then set it aside.
– Using the same pan pour in stock and season with palm sugar and fish sauce. Bring to boil then add roasted peanuts, crispy garlic, crispy shallots, and simmer for a few minutes then add roasted peanuts, crispy garlic, crispy shallot, small dried chili and simmer for a few minutes.
– Add shrimps and stir until sticky. Remove from the pan.
– Cut scallops in half. Place on Himalayan salt. Top with dried chili sauce and shrimps.
– Garnish with coriander and crispy shallots.

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