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Tips for planting Houttuynia Cordata

Tips for planting Houttuynia CordataFor those wanting to grow Houttuynia Cordata, the planting method is relatively easy. To being with, you will need to make an adequately sized hole where you want to grow the plant. The hole where the roots are to be placed should be around twice the size of the roots. Once the hole is made, add some earth so that just less than half the hole is filled. Put the roots in the hole, it should be noted that the roots need to have a least 2 centimeters of earth covering them. Add some earth so that the hole is completely filled, press the soil down well around the bottom of the plant to ensure the plant can stand freely and will not topple over.

You will then need to water the earth well so that the bottom of the hole gets plenty of water. Houttuynia Cordata will always grow best when the soil it grows in is wet, so ensure that you water regularly. If the soil is ever dry, water immediately or the plant may not survive.

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