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Use Houttuynia cordata to stop garlic breathe

Use Houttuynia cordata to stop garlic breatheMost of us love the taste of garlic in our food, but perhaps those around you 0don’t appreciate the odour that comes from your breath after eating it. You can try mints, chewing gums and a number of other methods to the mask the smell of this tasty little bulb, but did you know that Houttuynia cordata helps mask the odour of garlic?

Recent research on Houttuynia cordata showed that by mixing this herb with garlic placed in oil significantly lessened the odour it produced. In fact, when tested alongside thyme, rosemary, coriander, dandelion, spiny sow thistle and green tea, the effect of Houttuynia cordata on reducing the  garlic odour was the highest; it also became more effective the more it was used.

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