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Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Houttuynia cordata leaves

Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Houttuynia cordata leavesVietnamese Spring Rolls with Houttuynia cordata leavesare quick and easy to make, and as they’re not deep fried like other spring roles are really healthy and fresh. They are also known as summer rolls and are great with sweet chilli sauce as a dip.

Although our recipe uses shrimp, this ingredient can be replaced with an ingredient of your choice such as tofu, chicken, crab etc.

• 4 ounces rice noodles (soaked)
• 8 rice wrappers
• 16 cooked shrimps
• 1/2 cup Houttuynia cordata leaves
• 1/2 cup coriander leaves
• 1 small carrot julienne and blanched
• 1 small cucumber julienne

Peel and remove the vein from the shrimps and slice in half.
Dipping one rice wrappers into a bowl of warm water and remove quickly. Place on a dry surface.
Place about two tablespoonfuls of noodles across the middle of the wrapper. Top with some carrot and cucumber and 4 shrimp halves.
Place a portion of the coriander Houttuynia cordata leaves on top of the prawns. Make sure not to overfill the roll.
Fold the bottom half of the wrapper over the filling, then the left and right edges of the wrapper inwards towards the centre, over the filling.
While holding the filling in position with your fingers, carefully roll the wrapper and filling upwards to form a tight roll.

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