Armani – Wachiravit Samart, A Young Phuket Artist
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Armani – Wachiravit Samart, A Young Phuket Artist chats with a young Phuket artist, Armani – Wachiravit Samart to discover what’s behind this 12-year-old boy’s inspiration and concepts in his fantastic paintings.

Armani – Wachiravit Samart

What is the inspiration behind your painting?
My inspiration is Master Chalermchai Kositpipat. I really admire his paintings and I’ve been a fan since I was nine years old.

I heard that he invited you to join in his art school at Wat Rong Khun
It’s true.

What is your best skill as regards your paintings?
I really like using Thai patterns in my painting because I would like to conserve our Thai culture through this.

Who was your first art master?
Master Watcharin Rodnit.

How do you feel when your paintings are completed?
I’m so proud of all my work.

What’s the inspiration behind your work?
I use my feelings and emotions in what I am interested in at that time.

Is your technique Thai pattern painting?
Yes, that’s right.

Is there any specific name of your technique?
Actually, there is no specific term to describe my work. I just paint Thai patterns.

What’s your favourite painting from all of your creations?
My favourite painting is ‘The king of a 10-year-old boy’ which I created about a year ago. It was painted with black ink and acrylic colouring on a 2.4 – metre size canvas frame. It won the CEO AWARD prize of ‘The 6th White Elephant Art Award’ under the theme ‘Happiness of Thai people: the Gracious of Seventy Years of His Majesty’s Accession to the Throne’.

So is it still at your house?
It’s kept at a museum in Bangkok after I was presented the prize by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn.

Why do you think this painting is your masterpiece?
I created this painting for our King Bhumibol so I worked hard at it.

What’s the most important tool you must have?
Music. I always listen to music while I create.

What have you learned from your art?
I’ve learned many different techniques.

What’s your goal in being an artist?
I’d like to be a national artist of Thailand.

Which school year are you studying in?
I am studying in grade 7 (M.1) at Pluk Panya Municipal School

If you would like to follow or support this skillful and talented young man please visit Let’s have a look at some of his work.

‘The Sound of the Jungle’

1. This painting is called ‘The Sound of the Jungle’, it was inspired by the bad news of black tiger being found dead so I put several animal species together then added a Thai pattern using colours and a light and shadow technique.


2. This is a ‘Hanuman’ painting. I wanted to show Khon to foreigners so I choose Hanuman which is the main character of Khon. I spend about a week in creating an 80x100cm painting using acrylic colours.

‘Continuing Khon’

3. This name of this oil painting is ‘Continuing Khon’ because Khon is a famous yet uniquely Thai performance that I wanted to celebrate. It took 79 days to complete.

‘The last scene of Tossakan’

4. The painting behind me is ‘The last scene of Tossakan’. This gold painting is an image of a struggle between Rama and the giant Tossakan. The painting took about two months to finish.

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