Entrust WESERVE with personal-delivery
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Entrust WESERVE with personal-delivery

Entrust WESERVE with personal-delivery,
because we know your time and happiness is precious.

Present and Future

I’ve been thinking about the factors that make a business succeed whenever I hear and read any news about successful or potential businesses. Most of the time I see those businesses have one thing in common; they provide solutions for people’s problems, as simple as that. And for the same simple reason, a startup company called WESERVE set up a few years ago in Phuket.

What is WESERVE?
Its vision and mission.

WESERVE provides delivery service on demand and a service provider of an E-Marketplace Platform that allows producers and businesses to offer their products to customers directly (B2C). We define our services as ‘LastMile Delivery’ which means a direct delivery service from businesses to customers. Our services cover every aspect of delivery whether it’s food delivery, consumer goods delivery, messenger service, furniture delivery, postal service, or even paying utility bills and suchlike.

WESERVE’s delivery management system allows customers to access many destinations. We guarantee any losses caused by delivery control by our convenient platform that connects delivery staff with users. Customers can book us in advance, or choose prompt service and we also provide 24-hour delivery for certain services and areas. It’s an excellent choice for any jobs or products which require speedy delivery and with our real-time tracking, delivery can be possible within an hour. Fast, Secure, and Trustful, is our core concept for delivery

WESERVE strives to be the best online delivery service provider, merging the power of innovation, creativity and social responsibility to provide better solutions for users and business partners while at the same time improving our own staff members’ quality of work and life.

We focus further than online delivery through smart platform and we also place importance on customers, society, and human resources as well as nearby communities. We stick to what we call our ‘SMART’ concept:

S = Service Minded
M = Mastery (professional, enthusiast and responsible work)
A = Awareness (the right perceptions about policy, quality and security)
R = Responsibility (toward customers, business partners, society and our team)
T = Trust (building trust among customers, business partners and our team)

SMART is therefore an attitude that guides and directs the team to strive for excellence under the leadership of the two co-founders who believe in the business’ future; Khun Phattanan Pisutwimol (CEO) and Khun Natchaya Suebsak (CMO).

Why choose WESERVE?
What do you do and how do you help your customers?

We’re not only an online platform that’s convenient and easy for almost anyone to use. WESERVE also sees that customer service is important to improve our quality. We realize that not every customer will understand or be familiar with online technology so we want to make sure that WESERVE provides ‘Two-Way Communication’. Our delivery riders are familiar with the area and our technology helps make each delivery correct and as fast as possible. There are more than 400 restaurants on our site, along with products and many kinds of services from messenger and postal service and much more to follow in the future to make your life simple and easy.


WESERVE’s growth may differ from other startup companies. This is because we attach a great deal of importance to the quality of our service. We value our franchising partners and look out for those who have the same vision as us. They have to have the ‘heart’ to see ‘opportunities’ in this business and are prepared for ‘hard work.’ We expect our partners to follow these principles and polices in order to move forward together in the same direction. Being our franchising partner doesn’t require much investment but it does have a quick return. We provide clear and comprehensive guidance and have logistic innovations to help in between, so that our business partners are able to work effectively and smartly while our support teams are available to provide assistance around the clock. Besides Phuket, our service areas now include Trang, Chonburi and soon Haadyai, Khon Kaen, Chiang Mai, Ubonratchanthani and Suratthani.

Check out more about WESERVE and our services at weserve.co.th.

How does WESERVE impress their customers and business partners?

Chaipat Na Ranong – Managing Director – Toyota Pearl and Toyota Next

Chaipat Na Ranong
Managing Director – Toyota Pearl and Toyota Next

I have used WESERVE for many years now, probably since they first started. I remember that there were only a few restaurants that joined them at that time but now I think there are over a hundred restaurants available on the WESERVE website. They have plenty of choices whether it is Thai, Chinese, Italian, or Japanese food.

Almost everyone in my family is now familiar with WESERVE. We use their food delivery service quite often, especially on rainy days when we don’t want to go out. It may take a little longer for delivery on rainy days, but they always ask us in advance if we’re willing to wait or not.

Their customer service is nice and sometimes gives us recommendation for food choices. The delivery man is also nice and many of them are familiar to me by now.

Kanok-Orn Tunbutr – Spa Manager – Club Med Spa

Kanok-Orn Tunbutr
Spa Manager – Club Med Spa

I randomly go to WESERVE website to order food. The delivery is quite fast and they act responsibly should any mistake occur. Once the restaurant forgot to pack a side dish for the food I ordered. Though it wasn’t a big deal, the delivery man absolutely insisted on going back and returned with the missing dish. For me, that’s quite impressive.

Khun Gob – Tu Kab Khao Restaurant

Khun Gob
Tu Kab Khao Restaurant

WESERVE is a local business and we naturally support locals since our restaurant is offering local Phuket food. We trust the delivery service when our customers want to eat at home or eat out. I see they keep developing. Now they have WESMART and plan to have franchises in other areas throughout the country. We are so happy be WESERVE’s business partners.

Keamjira (Lee) – Khun Jeed Yod Pak Restaurant

Keamjira (Lee)
Khun Jeed Yod Pak Restaurant

To be honest, I didn’t have much interest when they first approached us a few years ago. But nowadays customers require more delivery services, so I started to think about it and decided to work with WESERVE.

We have had very good feedback and it’s helped us save a lot of time. Our customers also don’t have to queue up or wait for food in front of our restaurant. They just ring to order and WESERVE takes it to their places.

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