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What is Organic Dokudami?

What is Organic Dokudami?

Dokudami is a perennial herb native to Japan. A vigorous grower, it can be found pretty much everywhere; in hilly areas, fields, roadsides, and even between the cracks of asphalt. The ancient Japanese could not miss this plant and consequently, it made its way into the medicine books early in human history. With regards to its ancient uses, the plant’s common name is highly telling, Doku means poison and dami means blocking. Therefore, Dokudami translates to “the poison blocking plant”.

The ancient Japanese used it to counteract the effects of poisoning, a common practice amongst warring factions of those times. As one of the top ten healing herbs in Japan, Dokudami is one of the most revered and popular herbal medicines. In folklore medicine it was used fresh and dry. When fresh, it’s applied as a poultice, added to a bath, eaten as a salad, and pressed for its juice. In dry form it’s decocted as tea and made into a medicinal powder. In terms of medical uses, it is regarded as a panacea or “cure-all”. Indeed, its other common name, Juuyaku means ten drugs in one! It is considered to be antidotal astringent, diuretic, a mild laxative, anti-inflammatory, urinary antiseptic, analgesic, antitussive, and vulnerary. Internally, it is used for anal prolapse, dyspepsia, infectious skin diseases, pernicious malaria, infected sores, snakebites, tumors, cancer, coughs, dysentery, enteritis, fever, gastritis, hemoptysis, laryngitis, lung abscess, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, pertusis, hemorrhoids, pharyngitis, chronic uterine or cervical infection, leprospirosis, otitis media, cystitis, urinary infection, and mastitis. Applied externally it is used for abscesses, anal prolapse, hemorrhoids, snakebites, swellings, boils, injuries, and to stimulate bone growth. Dokudami is seen as a detoxifier, cleansing the system by acting as a mild laxative and diuretic.

In traditional Japanese medicine, toxins in the system are seen as the source of disease. This plant was seen as moving the toxins out of the body and thereby removing the source of disease. This plant is so popular the Japanese Medicines Codex, prepared by the Japanese Ministry of Welfare, approves it as a diuretic. In the modern age, very few medicinal plants retain a place in the Japanese Medicines Codex! When a person needs gentle detoxification, Dokudami is the plant.

Dokudami for Cancer

About Dokudami

Dokudami is an all-natural liquid herbal supplement that strengthens and activates your body’s immune system. The mixture is made of carefully selected indigenous natural ingredients, including Houttuynia Cordata Thunb and naturally occurring probiotics.

Its unique fermentation process yields a supplement that can bring the body back into balance through activating its natural PROBIOTIC RESPONSE. This helps create an optimum environment for receiving essential nutrients and cultivating good health.

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