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Yanui Beach

Yanui Beach

Phuketindex.com would like to introduce you to another beach here in Phuket, Yanui Beach. Here, you can relax or enjoy fun family activities.

From Promthep Cape, you can reach here within 10 minutes. It’s located right between Promthep Cape and Windmill Viewpoint. Yanui Beach is a small beach, and because it’s not so commercialised, not many tourists come here. The beach is not overcrowded, so it’s the ideal place to come and sunbathe, whilst enjoying cold refreshing coconut juice. If you are here with your family, you can also teach your children how to canoe. You can play frisbee or even discover some small aquatic creatures. Yanui Beach is also a great location for photo shooting as it has great views.

Yanui Beach

Spending time with family


Thinking of having a small adventure on the beach? You can also climb small shore reef! And once you’ve climbed, sit, relax and enjoy the breeze and views.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to get away from a busy life to Yanui Beach?

Discovering new creature


Enjoy the breeze and views

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