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Enhance Your Home’s Exterior Using Tropical Flowers

Tropical gardening is not much different than any other types of gardening and using your imagination they will enhance your exterior design dreams.

Tropical flowers still share the same basic needs such as: healthy soil, water, proper fertilization, sunlight and grooming. With tropical gardening, however, you don’t have to worry about over-wintering your plants since these climates remain warm year round.

Whether you’re in a bungalow, a villa, a house, renting or owner, growing tropical flowers will create the perfect atmosphere for your premises.

All you need to do choose the appropriate flowers that will enhance your particular setting.

Here are some of our recommendations!

Enhance Your Home’s Exterior Using Tropical Flowers


Orchids have a mystique that seems to set them apart from most other flowers: They are elegant and almost unreal in their perfection. Even though orchids are one of the largest flowering plant families, every orchid species has a unique look. Orchids of some type can be seen nearly everywhere in the world — indoors, in gardens or in the wild.

Why are orchids so special? If you ask orchid lovers, you’ll get any number of answers, but the most obvious reasons that these elegant blooms are special may lie in their uniqueness.

Enhance Your Home’s Exterior Using Tropical Flowers


Nothing evokes that tropical feeling quite like the frangipani. Their sweet scent and sheer beauty make them universally loved and the blooms look sensational on the tree and as a cut flower.

Most familiar in their white and yellow form, they also come in loads of tropical and sunset colours, becoming more colourful the closer to the equator you go. Frangipanis are also tough plants that can survive neglect, heat and drought and still fill the garden with a wonderful perfume. What more could you ask for in a tree?

Enhance Your Home’s Exterior Using Tropical Flowers

Sampaguita Jasmine

Sampaguita (Jasminum sambac) is a sweetly scented tropical flower and a native to southern Asia. The Sampaguita flowers bloom either singly or as bundles of blossoms at the top of the branches. Blooming all through the year, Sampaguita are pure white, small, dainty, star-shaped blossoms. The flowers open at night and wilt in less than a day.
There are three varieties of Sampaguita, commonly referred to as Single Petal, Double and Double-Double. Sampaguita’s distinct sweet, heady fragrance is its unique feature.

Enhance Your Home’s Exterior Using Tropical Flowers


Previously, bromeliads were considered advanced or expert plants; however, bromeliads can be easily adapted to regular conditions.

Bromeliads are available in an astonishing array of colors and textures. Even discounting their showy flower displays, bromeliads are beautiful foliage plants, with strappy leaves in red, green, purple, orange, yellow, banded, stripes, spots or other combinations.

As a general rule of thumb, bromeliads will thrive in the same conditions as epiphytic orchids. However, they are considerably more tolerant than orchids of fluctuations in temperature, drought and careless feeding.

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