Kids art studio

Our fun begins from toddler through adults and our curriculum is specifically designed to not only enhance and develop skills while creating fabulous works of art, but to strengthen self esteem, improve fine motor skills, and develop team building skills in small enriching environments!

“Our mission is to create a fun and safe learning environment promoting imagination and growth while allowing children to find their inner artist.”

kids art studio


  • Line elements
  • Shadows and shapes
  • The use of color -Color properties -The color combination
  • Create works of art integrated

Art Elements

  • Learn the value of color
  • Collocation
  • Picture atmosphere
  • Contour Drawing

watercolor -Acrylic Paint -oil color

  • Color properties
  • Operational procedures (drawing).
  • Creative artwork

kids art studio

Personal Portrait

  • Learn black and white
  • Colored chalk
  • Oil color

Thailand Painting

  • known Thailand PM
  • This divides the training -painted
  • Creative artwork

Art for occupational
Art exhibitions
Smart Art Project

kids art studio

In addition, The course tutor of Faculty of Painting ,Art of Architecture ,Faculty of Visual Arts ,Arts Faculty Orientation and Faculty of Fine Arts.

Morning at 10.00 am -12.00 and afternoon 14.00 am -16.00 pm Can choose a Saturday or Sunday
2 hours/day.Regardless of gender and age

By Aj.Pat keawdam
3 Thepkasatree Rd., Muang Phuket

Arts frame gallery
25 Patipat Rd., Taladnua., Muang Phuket
Tel.076256096 , 089-9086769

kids art studio

kids art studio

kids art studio

Training & Education

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