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Music is a universal language of the world, all people can relate to. I will give details of any subtle or not. Based on the background and experience of the individual. Thailand is the oldest of the arts and culture of our own, we have a long history of thousands of years, language and music of our own completely.

thai music

Music is very important for children. The children enjoy a comfortable listening. The music has a clear rhythm Your child to be physically active, such as walking, jumping, swinging arm or learn the rhythm exercises. We call it the music playing along. “Rhythmic”

Children who play regularly It was fun to be in a good mood. A beaming All children should play. And should learn music.

If play well Since a child, grew up still playing music. Next will have more expertise And playing music. Finally, it would be a good musician. And very talented

thai music

takkasila music school. Is a school of thailand music in Phuket Thailand. , taught from age 5 to age to work. Teaching here. has both the knowledge and the atmosphere of a unique musical Thailand Thailand. The teacher is friendly with all the children. There is also proficient in music.

course of the Have to learn a variety of instruments, such as …

  •  Chinese cymbalo
  • Treble fiddle
  • A flute
  • Xylophone
  • A three-stringed musical instrument

Control by Worayod teachers and Kittima music specialists Thailand. can play as an 8 hr.

Music lessons for Thailand In addition, knowledge and fun. There are many advantages and benefits.

  • Stress
  • Meditation
  • Create talent

thai music

Takkasila Schools won many music competition. It is guaranteed that. Children who study music Thailand is good quality. Build skills and musical talent .. contact

Takasila School Phuket
Talad Yai, Muang, Phuket 83000.
calls. 0859000987

thai music

thai music

thai music

thai music

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