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Nawaphorn Namwan (Note) Director & Designer of Crazy Fur Co., Ltd.

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It’s been three years since Crazy Fur started up to provide creative solutions for both indoors and outdoors décor for Phuket. Phuketindex thinks it’s an interesting company and asked Khun Nawaphorn (or ‘Note’) to share its story with us.

How it began
It all comes from our experience as designer when we were often faced with the problem that contractors and developers couldn’t manufacture our creations and ideas. They tended to refuse our requests most of the time when it came to diffi cult or unusual designs. I thought then, well why not doing it ourselves? I’m a DIY person so I started to learn more about making of furniture.

I began with small mock-up furniture and gradually bought more and more tools and equipment. I found it was a lot of fun and had a good time sorting through computer programs relating to this project.

From a hobby to a serious project
After I’d acquired a few tools and a small amount of equipment, I felt that I needed more and began looking for bigger machines but then I found my design studio was too small to fi t them all in! I needed more space and so looked around and now we have our own factory at Boat Plaza.

What’s good about us?
What makes us different is that we ourselves are the designers not just the manufacturers. When the customers come to us, they can expect not only products but also consultancy in terms of details, proportions, aesthetics and more. We quite have reputation for this within the design world. We cater to creations by designers or architects and you could say that we speak the same language as them.

We recognise the high cost of labour and materials. Everyone knows that cost of living in Phuket is comparatively high but we manage to counter this by keeping the quality of both our products and service well balanced.

Future plans
We plan to expand of course but I prefer to take it step by step as we still would still like to stick with special and customized designs rather than going into mass produce items that all look the same. We have plans to expand our factory and are looking for new innovative materials to improve our furniture customization possibilities. In the near future Crazy Fur will offer our customers solutions in this fi eld. We can help polish, do touch-ups or even to simply add more value with cost-effective methods.

What kind of furniture?
We mainly produce a big variety of decorative products such as interior partitions, exterior decorative grille panels and façade cladding.

We can work different type of metals, aluminium composite, zinc and plastwood. Other core products are customized furniture, door design, lamps and wall art. Please visit www.crazyfurthailand.com to browse through our catalogs or visit our facebook page CrazyFur.
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Our style – Your style
We see ourselves as a dream production maker. People have their own imagination or concepts of their house or project in their mind and when they come to us it’s our job to make their dreams come true. It’s fun and challenging with new concepts, ideas or dreams every time we work on any project. Custommade designs are unique and keep our brains in good shape!

Words for young-blood designers
I always think that to be a good designer you need to learn by doing. I sometimes see the new generation is stuck with designing
on paper but you cannot make creations out of paper alone. Materials have their limitations also but by actually ‘doing it’ the solving process will be learned. I’d like to see something different from them, not just mixing and matching from the mass products on the market.
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Website: www.crazyfurthailand.com
Email: crazyfurthailand@gmail.com
Tel: 085-041-8182 Line ID: note8dd

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