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Houttuynia cordata in rural Japan

Houttuynia cordata in rural JapanIn a 2002 study carried out by a student of the University of Hawaii into the consuming longevity in a rural Japanese town as part of their Masters of Art in Anthropolgy, one participant questioned in the study, from the Tanoura region, advised there were four main plants that are essential for health: yomogi (Artemesia prInceps), dokudami (Houttuynia cordata), aroe (Aloe spp.) and senburi (Swertiajaponica). He and his wife drink Houttuynia cordata tea every day, which is “good for digestion and cures scabs.” They also often drink a decoction of corn silk, the fine threadlike styles on an ear of corn, mixed with Houttuynia cordata, as corn silk is good for kidney disease and is a diuretic.

Another participant grows Houttuynia cordata and drinks its tea for her blood pressure. She also drinks an herbal tea of mixed herbs and Houttuynia cordata every day instead of green tea as a medicine for internal organs.

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