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Introducing Houttuynia Cordata

Introducing Houttuynia CordataHouttuynia Cordata is also known by a number of different names including the Chameleon Plant, Chinese Lizard Tail, Fish Mint and Dokudami to name a few, it is a perennial herbaceous plant and a member of the Saururaceae (lizard tail) family of flowering plants.

Houttuynia Cordata is a native of China, Java, Nepals, and Southeast Asia & Japan, preferring temperate zones or cool mountain heights. It is the only species in its genus, and is named after Martin Houttuyn (1720-1798), a Dutch physician & botanist.

Houttuynia Cordata is a low-growing perennial that spreads by runners to 3 feet or more. The heart-shaped foliage is beautifully variegated with cream, pink, yellow and red. White four-pettled flowers appear in early summer and the plant dies down in the cooler months.

The green form of this plant is used in oriental cuisine to impart a cilantro-like flavour to food and is also used for medicinal purposes.

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