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Wat Suwan Khiri Wong (Wat Patong)

Wat Suwan Khiri Wong (Wat Patong)Patong isn’t usually a place you associate with peace and quiet, most tourists to the island’s who visit Patong do so for its shops, hotels, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. However, there is still one place in Patong that one can find peace and tranquility and that’s Wat Suwan Khiri Wong or Wat Patong, and a visit here will take you back to the Patong of the past with its small village and community atmoshphere. It certainly doesn’t reflect the bustling seaside town that Patong has become today.

Situated on 17 acres of land at the junction of Phisit Karani Road and Phra Barami Road, the bottom of the road which leads from Phuket Town to Patong, the temple is the centre of the areas local Thai Buddhism culture.

Built in 2312BE, Wat Suwan Khiri Wong is quite an extensive complex featuring ornately decorated structures including a monastery hall, chapel and pagoda along with a number of beautiful Buddha statues and atrifacts. It is also the home to 7 Buddhist whom walk through the nearby village to collect their daily food.

“If you happen to visit Patong, please take some time out to pay homage at Wat Suwan Khiri Wong and you’ll get to know a completely different side to this world famous area!”

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